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Charging Your EV

You can easily charge your EV at home or on the move. Electric cars can plug into your domestic 20amp power supply at home, the same as your vacuum cleaner or TV. In fact, trials have shown that’s what most EV users do – 85 per cent plug in and charge overnight at home or work.

Your Driving Range

Most new electric cars have a range of around 100 miles. That doesn’t sound like a lot but given that most peoples have a daily commute of under 50 miles, 100 miles on a charge should be more than enough for most needs.

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Electric Vehicle


When it comes to charge time, it all starts with your usage. Based on your daily commute and the traffic conditions, you can determine how long of a charge you need – if any. A typical charge time for most electric cars using a standard home charger is between six and eight hours. Nowadays there are public charging stations available where people can charge their EV battery up to 80% capacity in about 30 minutes.


The true cost of powering an electric car is roughly $3.48 per 100 miles (based on the national average). This is almost the price per gallon that most people pay to fill their cars with fuel. Since gas prices in Massachusetts are always increasing, making the switch to “go green” or electric is a no-brainer if you are a big commuter.

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