New Construction Electrical in Boston

If you are looking for an electrician in the Boston area that specializes in new construction electrical services, look no further than J M L Electric Inc.. Specializing in complete electrical wiring, rough-ins, and more, we’re the ones who can ready your new property for the final stages of development.

More than everyday electricians, we are celebrated contractors who know our way around construction sites. Let us be the ones to wire your new property for its future inhabitants.

We always pick up the phone, and we are always looking for new projects to tackle. Schedule an on-site, in-depth consultation with our electricians by calling (781) 587-0875 at your convenience.

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Boston’s Superior Choice for New Construction Electrical Work

Construction electricians like us are no strangers to big jobs. While some clients might call our offices to have us examine a blown fuse or a faulty electrical outlet, new construction electrical assignments see us wiring entire suites, floors, or even entire residential and commercial buildings.

Projects of this magnitude might intimidate some, but not us. We welcome large-scale projects. When we’re tasked with wiring a new property for electricity, we can walk away knowing that the facility will operate as efficiently as possible. We’re also able to walk away knowing that we have impressed our clients, too. The more we impress our clients, the more likely they are to recommend us to their colleagues, friends, and neighbors.

Emphasizing Customer Service

Working with us ensures nothing short of the finest customer experience possible. From the moment we get your call to the moment we conclude our post-installation inspection, we promise nothing short of the finest service possible. We arrive on time, carry out our duties quickly, and never hesitate to pause and answer your questions.

Look to us when you want:

  • Up-front service quotes
  • Full suite of electrical services
  • Easy to schedule services
  • Professional electricians
  • And more

Our electricians stand out for the right reasons. Work with us when you want start-to-finish excellence.

Consultations for Construction Electrical

Construction electrical projects require a lot of planning and preliminary work. Before we can start pulling the wiring in and around the beams, drywall, and joists in the building, we need to understand what you intend to do with the space. We need to know where you want electrical outlets, the primary functions of the space, and more.

What do you wish to do with the space? Do you intend on renting the basement of the property to tenants in the future? If so, our electricians will make sure it is up to code by the time you put the finishing touches on it. Is it an office building you are building? We will make sure your electrical system can handle the day-to-day activities.

Schedule an in-depth consultation with us when you want to start planning the rough-in electrical services and additional construction electrical services. We will inspect every inch of the construction site, ensuring we leave no stone unturned.

Would you like to learn more about the services we offer? Contact us at your convenience.

Electricians for Every Construction Project

When you’re building a brand new home in Boston, you’re looking to create a space that will last a lifetime. For homeowners, building a new home from scratch is the dream of so many. And to accomplish a little slice of that American dream—congratulations! It’s a big accomplishment. But just as you would want the foundation of that new home to last for decades, you also want to be sure you’ve hired a quality electrical contractor to make sure the new electrical wiring will last as well. A shoddy job means more than just the cost of early replacement: it also puts you and your family at risk from electrical shortages, short-circuits, and even electrical fires.

Your New Construction Electrician

When you’re wiring a home in preparation for moving day, you want to hire someone with the proven experience and know-how to handle the task at hand. You can’t just

hire any old electrician you find in the phone book: some are low-voltage electricians and others may have never fully wired a new home from top to bottom before. J M L Electric Inc. is Boston’s expert new home electrician company. We’ve wired dozens of homes of many satisfied customers across the entire metropolitan area. And when you place your trust in our capable hands, you know that we’ll always go the extra mile to bring you the care and quality you deserve.

What Does a New Construction Electrician Do?

At J M L Electric Inc., we’re capable of handling pretty much any electrical needs you might have. But when we deal with home builders or new home owners, we are usually tasked to do some of the following jobs around the property:

  • New wiring insulation for entire home, including plugs, outlets, dimmer switches, fuse and breaker boxes, and wiring for appliances
  • Service panels
  • Room lighting, hallway lighting, garage lighting
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Backup generator installation
  • Wiring for phones, speakers, and Internet
  • Installation of lights and chandeliers
  • Exterior wiring for patios, decks, pools, etc.
  • Security lighting and security camera installation

We Do the Job Right the First Time

When you are having the electrical wiring done on your house, it’s essential that the job is done well. There are no quick fixes when the wiring is behind a wall! It’s not like you can just open the drywall to adjust it whenever you like.

And given that the average cost of rewiring a home is around $10,000 to $20,000, the consequences of cutting corners can be disastrous. Don’t fall prey to the scam artists that call themselves electricians in the Boston area: choose a company with the know-how and experience to do the job best.

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J M L Electric Inc. is the best full-service electrician serving the Boston area for those looking for new construction electrical. If you want a home’s wiring to last as long as its foundation, give us a call. We’ll provide you our guarantee of quality customer service. Let’s build your dream home together. Call us today!